Health watch tables for Selected Developmental and Related Disabilities

A number of specific syndromes with an established etiology and with identified health concerns were chosen for the development of specific Health Watch Tables, based on work originally undertaken by Dr. Irene Swift at the Rideau Regional Centre, Smith Falls, Ontario. These syndrome-specific Health Watch Tables were developed to complement and augment the DD Guidelines1 and Preventive Care Checklists for adults with IDD. In addition to addressing issues relevant to adults, these Health Watch Tables also include concerns applicable in childhood.

The selection of syndromes for a Health Watch Table was based on such considerations as prevalence of these disabilities, frequency of occurrence of various adverse clinical manifestations, and effectiveness of available medical interventions.

The process of developing the tables involved a rigorous review of existing guidelines and of the areas of agreement and dissension among them. Full citations for all guidelines reviewed are available online at the Surrey Place Centre website. Accessed July 2021. 

Where best available evidence was needed to address issues not adequately covered in the guidelines, references have been cited. Given the wide variability in prevalence cited in different published studies, such figures are provided only as a base for clinical attention. Feedback from expert clinician reviewers, whose helpful input is acknowledged at the end of each Health Watch Table, has been incorporated.

The recommendations are not meant to impose a rigid formula as to what must be done and when, irrespective of the primary care provider’s judgment as to what is judicious in given circumstances. They attempt to highlight particular health concerns that occur more frequently among persons with various types of developmental and related disabilities than in the population as a whole.

Key websites that the primary care provider, families and caregivers may find helpful have also been included under Resources.

Autism Health Watch Table

Down Syndrome Health Watch Table

Fragile X Health Watch Table

Prader-Willi Health Watch Table

Williams Syndrome Health Watch Table

22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Health Watch Table

1 Sullivan WF, Berg JM, Bradley E, Cheetham T, Denton R, Heng J, Hennen B, Joyce D, Kelly M, Korossy M, Lunsky Y, McMillan S. Primary care of adults with developmental disabilities: Canadian consensus guidelines. Can Fam Physician 2011;57:541-53.