My Coping Tool: How I Deal With Stress

Sometimes you can feel very stressed, angry, or upset. You may feel so out of control that you don’t know what to do to feel calm again. Some people call this “feeling in crisis”. It is important to have a plan for when this happens. My Coping Tool helps you and other people know what to do when you don’t feel like your usual self.

You can download and print the form. Fill this out by yourself, with your primary care provider, or with someone who knows you well. You or people around you can look at your filled-in My Coping Tool as soon as you start feeling very stressed, angry or upset. Everyone then knows what to do when this happens.

Download: My Coping Tool

After you download and save the PDF file to your computer, it can (1) be printed and filled out by hand or (2) completed as a fillable PDF form on devices (e.g., laptop, iPad). See Using Fillable Forms in this Toolkit.

Read more about the tool development and meet the team at the bottom of this web page.

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