Using Fillable Forms in this Toolkit

Many of the links in this toolkit consist of fillable PDF forms that providers can use in their practices.  This toolkit does not provide a place to store any information about patients, so providers will need to use the forms on their own computers or medical records systems.

We suggest that users of the toolkit use Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or Adobe Acrobat Pro for using the fillable forms provided.  The Adobe software installs a plug-in for your browser or device.  Once the plug-in loads the form it can be saved to your local system using the save icon that looks like a disk.

Acrobat Reader is available here:

(Accessed July 2021)

Steps to using fillable forms

  1. Click on the link or menu choice for the form.  The form should load using your PDF viewer.
  2. Save the form to your desktop computer.
  3. Open the form on your desktop computer (not in the browser) and fill in the information for your patient.
  4. Select “save as” and save the filled out form as a copy that is named to indicate which patient it is.
  5. If applicable, upload the form to your medical record system into that patient’s record.

It’s just that easy.  If you should have problems, it’s best to attempt to get help from your local technical support.  Realizing that we are not a technical support operation and that we have very limited staff,  you may also contact us, and we will attempt to help if we can.

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